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We were incorporated in 1990 in Houston, Texas for the express purpose of designing and manufacturing equipment specifically for the Coiled Tubing Industry, which includes downhole tools and wellhead equipment. Innovative equipment designed by Pedcor has enabled us to become a "Leader by Design".

Our patented SAFESET® (series of coiled tubing hangers) have gained wide acceptance throughout the industry and are yet un-matched by any other company. BR>
The SAFESET® has become known as the safest and easiest way to hang coiled tubing in the well while maintaining well control at all times. BR>
All tools designed by Pedcor are of unique design, incorporating the highest quality materials. All downhole tools are designed with the operator in mind, can be field redressed easily and maintained with little effort. Our tools are pressure rated at 10,000 psi working pressures.

The success of Pedcor is due in large part to our customers who have had input on equipment design and requirements. And we are continually developing new products to meet the increasing demand of the coiled tubing industry. BR>
Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our products. Please contact us for any special requirements you may have or for equipment not listed. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

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